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    This one made me weepy this morning. Girl finds out her bestfriend and roommate -- a 160-lb English Mastiff has terminal bone cancer and only has a few months to live. So armed with a bucket list of adventures she would like to share with her dog, they go off on canoe rides, road trips, visits to both busy spots and quiet spaces and, finally, spend a last day together by the ocean in Maine, where she finally finds peace and acceptance. This is real love, people.


    I still keep a journal despite having a blog. No matter how spill-all-my-guts-out open I may seem, there are many things I do and think that I'll just never tell. I've always thought it kept me sane to be able to express myself without fear of being censored or criticized. Whenever I pick up an old journal, even one from my 13-year-old self I realize that as much as I've changed so much is still the same. I just know how to dodge bullets faster and better. From: HUFFPOST Healthy Living, 01/20/15


    Which is why I've decided to keep this blog around, at least for a little while longer. I've always picked up a pen (or sat in front of a keyboard) any time I needed to make sense of my world; writing allows me to get into my head and get all my thoughts out without having to worry about how ridiculous I sound (that's where the editing comes in). From: The New York Times, 01/19/15
    This was lovely. The post is by a novelist who was asked how to encourage a young writer. It sounds eerily like the story of my life -- now all I need is to keep reading and keep writing (and, okay, start submitting). From: M Molly Backes' blog, 07/12/11


    Every day at work I see all kinds of female bodies: athletic, boyish, curvy, voluptuous, natural, enhanced, preteen, post-baby, postmenopausal -- thousands of different bodies I've seen up close and personal in my lifetime. This infographic shows that the description of the ideal female body changes every decade or so, going back hundreds of years. I hope that soon we define the "perfect" body as one that is simply healthy and functioning; that what matters is that we're comfortable in our own skin. From: Greatist, 01/15/15



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    The Normal Bar: Where Does Your Relationship Fall?
    All is Forgotten, Nothing is Lost
    Gun Dealers' Daughter: A Novel: A Novel
    Crazy Rich Asians
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    The Geography of Bliss: One Grump's Search for the Happiest Places in the World

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March 15, 2006



Ha-ha! Talk of sin just woke me up from my mid-day stupor. :) It is hard being a Catholic sometimes.


Hi Toe - I suppose that's why folks refer to irresistible things as being "sinfully" good. :)


I didn't break out of the Catholic guilt mode til much later in life. (when I realized they just used fear as a tool in keeping us "good"/in line). I remember asking Christine (who was the first of us to "lose it") why she didn't feel guilty at all. After all, Fr. R told us we'd go to hell. I guess she was one of the first of the independent thinkers in our group. A funny thing was an ex would never have sex on Sundays. I guess the guilt thing hit him even more, and it seems he saw sex as a "bad thing". Really silly, juvenile and sad when I think about it..


I bet this is one of those emails that you didn't want me to read:) I must admit that part of the reason that I have never been preachy or really out there with sharing my faith is precisely because I don't want to appear judgemental or have others judge me. Do I fervently hold on to my beliefs? YES! Do I feel that I need to stuff them down other people's throats? NO - not really. I think that many people with conflicting beliefs are products of homes or outside influences that proclaim a particular faith, but then act out a different way in their day to day lives. When all is said and done, I answer to a loving, forgiving God - not one who is eager to punish me and others for our mistakes or sins.


Dude we did one of those in my senior year. Terrifying


Hi Frayed - I feel guilty easily about many things, but sex was just never one of them. I mean, I feel guilty if I accidentally filch a ballpoint pen from a store of if I take too much of someone's time, and I always just take ONE sample of something even if there's a full basket or box available to everyone.

I suppose that's why when I told Fr. R I didn't believe premarital sex was bad, I knew I meant it. Because obviously I'm the kind of person who feels bad about the smallest, strangest things!

Hello Sandra - I think I would have been uncomfortable with you reading posts like this before...but no longer. Precisely because I know you're not preachy or judgmental. I respect and admire those who do as they say, whether or not I agree with their thoughts or actions (up to a limit, I suppose -- I mean, I would never agree with a murderer or a thief).I know as humans we all make mistakes and are weak -- but there's a difference, or at least a thin line between human frailty and sheer hypocrisy.

Hi Marc - Yeah, mine too. Especially when the priest started talking about how any sexual position except for the missionary was a sin (I'm so serious, dude).


This is not much of a post -- I could never figure out what to GIVE UP for Lent because food never meant much to me. This year -- I decided to attempt to stop cursing and for every curse word, I would donate a dollar. In the beginning, I was averaging three a day -- surprisingly I was not saying the F word. Now -- (how many days into Lent?) it seems that the bad habit is broken. I guess not much money will be donated to the church on Easter -- at least over this Lenten "sacrifice."


Why do girls tell real stuff during retreats when it is so much easier to just make stuff up? At least that's how it was when I had my retreat gazillion years ago.

It's lenten already? I didn't even know.


Hi Trish - Does this mean next time we see you you'll be talking like an angel (besides looking like one)?

Hello John - I guess -- just like me -- you didn't see any ashen crosses on anyone's foreheads, eh? :)


Hi Gigi! Long, long time I've not commented ... just lurking around. :) That's my "confession".

But this time, I can't help it: just have to say that I totally agree with this --> "...that those who prefer to do the damning are even closer to it than I am ..." Bravo, girl!


Hi bugsybee - I'm so glad to "see" you! I guess I've just always noticed that happy people -- or at least those at peace with themselves -- don't wish ill for anybody else. Why would they, after all?


I have never been officially Catholic but I think 4 years of Catholic school makes me a honorary member. Something was in grained in me as child that as an adult I feel terribly guilty about everything. i.e., If I am sick and stay home, I feel guilty that I am not at work. Over the years, I have learn that I am a people pleaser but I am working on pleasing myself first. (still sounds like a selfish notion) I blame my flaws on Catholic School :-)


Hi Shira - I hear ya about the guilt thing. I suppose on the positive side it keeps me in check -- but I also find it keeps me from hoping for "too much" (see, another guilt-related concept). Like if everything in my life is good I feel guilty -- now THAT'S not good!

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    I don't have to understand Korean to love this song, although I think it's about a person who was in a rocky relationship that ended but still feels deeply for her former lover and is feeling lonely tonight. "You're like a little star that's far away from me and keeps disappearing." I suppose the title -- Pluto used to be known as the ninth planet from the sun but now isn't even considered one -- might provide a bit more context to the song's meaning. Spotify


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