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    This one made me weepy this morning. Girl finds out her bestfriend and roommate -- a 160-lb English Mastiff has terminal bone cancer and only has a few months to live. So armed with a bucket list of adventures she would like to share with her dog, they go off on canoe rides, road trips, visits to both busy spots and quiet spaces and, finally, spend a last day together by the ocean in Maine, where she finally finds peace and acceptance. This is real love, people.


    I still keep a journal despite having a blog. No matter how spill-all-my-guts-out open I may seem, there are many things I do and think that I'll just never tell. I've always thought it kept me sane to be able to express myself without fear of being censored or criticized. Whenever I pick up an old journal, even one from my 13-year-old self I realize that as much as I've changed so much is still the same. I just know how to dodge bullets faster and better. From: HUFFPOST Healthy Living, 01/20/15


    Which is why I've decided to keep this blog around, at least for a little while longer. I've always picked up a pen (or sat in front of a keyboard) any time I needed to make sense of my world; writing allows me to get into my head and get all my thoughts out without having to worry about how ridiculous I sound (that's where the editing comes in). From: The New York Times, 01/19/15
    This was lovely. The post is by a novelist who was asked how to encourage a young writer. It sounds eerily like the story of my life -- now all I need is to keep reading and keep writing (and, okay, start submitting). From: M Molly Backes' blog, 07/12/11


    Every day at work I see all kinds of female bodies: athletic, boyish, curvy, voluptuous, natural, enhanced, preteen, post-baby, postmenopausal -- thousands of different bodies I've seen up close and personal in my lifetime. This infographic shows that the description of the ideal female body changes every decade or so, going back hundreds of years. I hope that soon we define the "perfect" body as one that is simply healthy and functioning; that what matters is that we're comfortable in our own skin. From: Greatist, 01/15/15



    Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet
    The Normal Bar: Where Does Your Relationship Fall?
    All is Forgotten, Nothing is Lost
    Gun Dealers' Daughter: A Novel: A Novel
    Crazy Rich Asians
    The Undomestic Goddess
    The Geography of Bliss: One Grump's Search for the Happiest Places in the World

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January 16, 2005


sistah #1

since i just had knee surgery and am now relegated to sitting in bed with my knee elevated and wrapped in ice, my wish list is fairly simple...

i'd like to be able to:
1. walk without the use of crutches
2. get to the bathroom or the kitchen without it being a big production
3. drive ANYwhere, ANYtime, to do ANYthing
4. have a reason to shower and get dressed every day, other than just for hygienic reasons

and what i'd like to be able to do most of all:
5. go outside and sit on the beach to enjoy the wonderful sunny weather we have out here in southern california!


So sad my sistah. :( If it makes you feel better, sistah#4 shares your pain. I don't know if it makes HER feel better knowing that, though.

RE: #5 - I guess the next best thing is to sit outside on your patio and breathe in the ocean air (which you still kinda get at your place if the wind is blowing in the right direction).


Dang. I can't seem to find any place here in Manila which sells the boxed sets of Gilmore Girls.

Love the series. And how come they never made merchandise for the show? When i went to the States in 2002, i was looking for shirts or whatever stuff to buy which had Gilmore Girls emblazoned on it. no such luck. tsk tsk tsk.


Hi acid42,
I've been reading your blog since I saw your info at PinoyBlog as well -- am dying to know who that primadonna is (if I even know of her, that is :) ).

Anyway, I can't find the boxed sets here that easily either. Season 2 has been available at Costco since Christmas, but I can't find Season 1 anywhere -- not Target, etc. -- except online. If I see any show-related merchandise, I'll let you know; otherwise, I haven't seen any either.



hahahah. i sincerely doubt you would know who the primadonna is. Promise: she's no big star.

Cool blog. Love your writing. Very down to earth.

Thanks for keeping an eye out for the merchandise. Although my wife would probably cock an eyebrow if i ask her to order something online using her credit card and she sees it's a shirt that says "I wish I were a Gilmore Girl." mwahahahaha!


Thanks for the kind words. :)

OK, you've got a point there. And if you got the shirt for her, then you'd be in the doghouse.


Gi: I've been reading your blog (sorry, I haven't been up to date on mine) and I have the biggest question..... why is "Gilmore Girls" e x t r e m e l y popular with the Filipino audiences? Both my niece and nephew are infatuated with the show (primarily because they have told me they live vicariously through the young Asian American girl's life). My cousin watches religiously as do several friends.

I've probably seen only one or two episodes - I thought the writing was really strong - but I don't seem to sense what all the fuss is about?

Actually, I saw Emily [Kuroda] in Chay Yew's "A Winter People", a play based on Chekhov's "The Cherry Orchard", last year at Boston Court Theater. She has amazing stage presence (she was also in "M Butterfly" last year, with Alec Mapa - he's now doing "Half & Half" on UPN) and is so kind and warm (can't say that about her other half). In fact, she was suppose to play Imelda in my production of "Dogeaters" last October but had to bow out because she's filming a movie (sorry for this long digression).

Anyways, despite Emily et al., what is the fascination with the series? Any deconstruction warmly appreciated.


Hi Ted,

I can't speak on behalf of other Filipino "GG" fans (acid42, feel free to jump in if you have any thoughts on this matter). I think a huge part of it is it's the ideal family show: I can watch it with my mom and dad next to me and I won't have to worry about being embarrassed about anything (except my parents won't be able to understand the fast dialogue -- don't know why because my sisters and I all talk fast). As for me, there are a number of reasons I'm so attached to this show.

(1) the writing -- so so strong. funny yet poignant and whipsmart. Clever without trying hard.
(2) the characters -- so very well developed (I started watching from the very first episode recently and I appreciate the show even more now than I did). They are people you like or at least feel for, and each one is quirky and interesting.
(3) the relationships -- obviously Lorelei and Rory are one of the best mother-daughter teams onscreen today. But all the main relationships on the show are loving -- yet flawed -- but respectful. Quite human, even if a bit idealized.
(4) the premise - yeah, Stars Hollow is a fantasy world; it's one I would love to inhabit. Everyone knows each other (which obviously is both good and bad), it's pretty, and has a sense of history and continuity. It makes me wish that places like that still exist.

What can I say, the show makes me laugh and cry and think. I always look forward to the next episode (and really, I can't think of a single bad one so far). Unlike your cousins and friends, I can't identify with Lane (the Asian girl) because my mom wasn't overprotective and controlling like hers. I suppose I see a lot of myself mostly in Lorelei, with a dose of Rory (mainly because of her passions for books, writing, and journalism). We can deconstruct more at Asian Noodles one day -- tell me when!


Ok....thanks for comments.
As for Asian Noodles (have you gone yet?), please note that Huell Howser featured them (twice!) on his California's Gold show on KCET and since then, there business has been booming.
I took Martin [Nievera] there to eat and he L O V E D the food (Albert got him to sign the wall). He brought Pops there when they were here last month.
I also brought Jessica [Hagedorn] when she came for "dogeaters" and Jen [Paz] before she hit the road on "Saigon". All of them, I'm happy to say, loved the food!!!

So, I'd be glad to share a meal with you at AN anytime (I'm on my way there now to talk about the show I'm producing/directing this May for the Mayor's Office.)

Now, can you explain your fascination with "Angel" and "Buffy"?


Oooh, this one is much simpler to explain. :)

I want to be Buffy.

Buffy's a HOT babe, she has great friends and family (who are willing to die for her, I might add), she kicks ass, and she gets to make out with Angel. Spike too (both men SO hot!).

And once you've been hooked on Buffy and can't get enough of Angel...then you get hooked on Angel too. :)

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  • LISTEN: "Pluto" by Chamsom


    I don't have to understand Korean to love this song, although I think it's about a person who was in a rocky relationship that ended but still feels deeply for her former lover and is feeling lonely tonight. "You're like a little star that's far away from me and keeps disappearing." I suppose the title -- Pluto used to be known as the ninth planet from the sun but now isn't even considered one -- might provide a bit more context to the song's meaning. Spotify


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