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    This one made me weepy this morning. Girl finds out her bestfriend and roommate -- a 160-lb English Mastiff has terminal bone cancer and only has a few months to live. So armed with a bucket list of adventures she would like to share with her dog, they go off on canoe rides, road trips, visits to both busy spots and quiet spaces and, finally, spend a last day together by the ocean in Maine, where she finally finds peace and acceptance. This is real love, people.


    I still keep a journal despite having a blog. No matter how spill-all-my-guts-out open I may seem, there are many things I do and think that I'll just never tell. I've always thought it kept me sane to be able to express myself without fear of being censored or criticized. Whenever I pick up an old journal, even one from my 13-year-old self I realize that as much as I've changed so much is still the same. I just know how to dodge bullets faster and better. From: HUFFPOST Healthy Living, 01/20/15


    Which is why I've decided to keep this blog around, at least for a little while longer. I've always picked up a pen (or sat in front of a keyboard) any time I needed to make sense of my world; writing allows me to get into my head and get all my thoughts out without having to worry about how ridiculous I sound (that's where the editing comes in). From: The New York Times, 01/19/15
    This was lovely. The post is by a novelist who was asked how to encourage a young writer. It sounds eerily like the story of my life -- now all I need is to keep reading and keep writing (and, okay, start submitting). From: M Molly Backes' blog, 07/12/11


    Every day at work I see all kinds of female bodies: athletic, boyish, curvy, voluptuous, natural, enhanced, preteen, post-baby, postmenopausal -- thousands of different bodies I've seen up close and personal in my lifetime. This infographic shows that the description of the ideal female body changes every decade or so, going back hundreds of years. I hope that soon we define the "perfect" body as one that is simply healthy and functioning; that what matters is that we're comfortable in our own skin. From: Greatist, 01/15/15



    Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet
    The Normal Bar: Where Does Your Relationship Fall?
    All is Forgotten, Nothing is Lost
    Gun Dealers' Daughter: A Novel: A Novel
    Crazy Rich Asians
    The Undomestic Goddess
    The Geography of Bliss: One Grump's Search for the Happiest Places in the World

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May 05, 2009



I actually like the way it is now, Ms Gigi. I'm flattered naman asking me like I am an template expert hahahaha.

Just a note, I am not familiar with Typepad themes but why not re-arrange the sidebars. Keep the beauty stuff on the left, and music on the right sidebars, that's what and who Gigi Goes Gaga blog is for me. The entries makes your blog interesting naman.

You can simplify by:

1. Creating a separate Page for Blogrolls and other important links under your About link like that of "Complete Archives" link.

2. Take off the big fat "Recent Reader" script at the bottom left (the ones we care are those in our list and those who read and leave comments diba?).

3. Remove Site meter if your already have a Stat counter. I don't care hits and ranking anymore, give it to the tech guys or blogs that enjoys to monetizing.

4. Get rid of the Calendar sa taas kasi meron ka na ring, "Recent Posts" to back it up. Or put na lang the script instead of Calendar.

5. Get rid of your script, it makes the blog slower to load. I removed mine so link na lang nilagay ko.

6. The header is fine, the description is what makes your blog interesting.

7. Keep a white background.

8. What matters is you write on a regular basis, your stories can relate to many (apologies for my silence in your comment section) readers.

9. *I like your new About Photo, btw*

10. ;)


Hey hey, you did a redesign also! Ako din, I think 3rd na yata. Looks fresh, I like it.


K - I knew you'd give me brilliant suggestions! I have to spend more time to do the separate page for links so I'll get to it as soon as I have a couple of hours to tinker with this. I removed the stat counters -- you're right, I'm not monetizing this site and I haven't really been paying attention to my hits, page views, etc. anyway. I removed Last FM -- don't think anyone was paying attention to what I was just listening to, but more importantly I had no idea it was taking too long to load! Thanks again for taking the time to help me out here. :)

M thebee - I love your new design (ang fresh)!!!


Ms Gigi, it loads faster na.

Once you get those links at the bottom sidebars fixed in a page then ok na sya except for the Live traffic feeder at the bottom right.




Keep at least 20 posts in your main page so it won't look empty as you scroll down to the bottom page.


Hi Gigi. The site redesign looks good. I've also been in a blog slump due to recent personal issues. I hope to revive it soon. I also decided to check out Tumblr and will find ways to use it, though I won't replace my blog with it any time soon. I also spend too much time on Facebook. :)

Heidi Shaker Luna

Hi Gigi-
Thanks for your cute card! It was so fun to meet you over the weekend! You have quite the blog here! I'll have to check it out in more detail! Hopefully we'll get to hang out again soon.


Manny - Hey, I hope you're doing OK over there. I've just got to say that your daily fitness updates really inspire me!

Heidi - You stopped by -- thanks! Hello there! Yes, I'd truly love to see you and chat again soon. :)

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