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    This one made me weepy this morning. Girl finds out her bestfriend and roommate -- a 160-lb English Mastiff has terminal bone cancer and only has a few months to live. So armed with a bucket list of adventures she would like to share with her dog, they go off on canoe rides, road trips, visits to both busy spots and quiet spaces and, finally, spend a last day together by the ocean in Maine, where she finally finds peace and acceptance. This is real love, people.


    I still keep a journal despite having a blog. No matter how spill-all-my-guts-out open I may seem, there are many things I do and think that I'll just never tell. I've always thought it kept me sane to be able to express myself without fear of being censored or criticized. Whenever I pick up an old journal, even one from my 13-year-old self I realize that as much as I've changed so much is still the same. I just know how to dodge bullets faster and better. From: HUFFPOST Healthy Living, 01/20/15


    Which is why I've decided to keep this blog around, at least for a little while longer. I've always picked up a pen (or sat in front of a keyboard) any time I needed to make sense of my world; writing allows me to get into my head and get all my thoughts out without having to worry about how ridiculous I sound (that's where the editing comes in). From: The New York Times, 01/19/15
    This was lovely. The post is by a novelist who was asked how to encourage a young writer. It sounds eerily like the story of my life -- now all I need is to keep reading and keep writing (and, okay, start submitting). From: M Molly Backes' blog, 07/12/11


    Every day at work I see all kinds of female bodies: athletic, boyish, curvy, voluptuous, natural, enhanced, preteen, post-baby, postmenopausal -- thousands of different bodies I've seen up close and personal in my lifetime. This infographic shows that the description of the ideal female body changes every decade or so, going back hundreds of years. I hope that soon we define the "perfect" body as one that is simply healthy and functioning; that what matters is that we're comfortable in our own skin. From: Greatist, 01/15/15



    Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet
    The Normal Bar: Where Does Your Relationship Fall?
    All is Forgotten, Nothing is Lost
    Gun Dealers' Daughter: A Novel: A Novel
    Crazy Rich Asians
    The Undomestic Goddess
    The Geography of Bliss: One Grump's Search for the Happiest Places in the World

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July 21, 2005



i hear you, gigi. when i read your post, i was reminded of the time i got suckered in by all the 'intellectual' hype to milan kundera's (truly) 'unbearable lightness of being'.

i'm too much of a sucker for hype, really, but THAT book was TOO MUCH!


i'm a book freak too but these days I can't find a book to feed my brain. must be some "block" thing going on.

anyhooo, i loved The Nanny Diaries..hehe. although I agree with you about the ending. I was confused. I didn't understand at first why it ended the way it did. but i thought about it real hard and understood a little bit. although,i would've loved it if the nanny actually did what she first decided. oh well.. :)


Sarah, they're selling Unbearable Lightness of Being pa naman for P235 at powerbooks. You saying it's not worth it? Haven't read it yet, but the missus wants a peek.

Gigi: Harry Potter is my guilty pleasure; I found myself blushing when I described my latest HP book buy to my officemate. But then I thought, after reading your entry: should we be at all apologetic for our reading choices? Hell no!


Hi Sarah - I actually liked "The Unbearable Lightness of Being." But then again, I read that a long time ago. Who knows what I'd think of it today?

Hello Dexie - Maybe it was the hype of "Nanny Diaries" that made me expect too much. Who knows? All I know is when I got to the end, it was almost like I heard it go: pffffttttt.

Hi Micketymoc - I'll admit I haven't read a single "Harry Potter" book -- but I really have been wanting to! All my friends say the movies pale to the books; if that's true, then I need to get all six volumes, flee to some desert island, and start reading. :) Yes -- no need to apologize for one's reading choices. What's important is we do read, after all.


hi gigi!

hehe. i don't know why i couldn't bring myself to finish it. i guess i listened to what my professors liked a bit too much. but i have wanted to read 'the book of laughter and forgetting', so maybe i'll like that one better. =D

hi micketymoc,

yep, that's where i got my copy. =D i wasn't able to finish it, though i really tried to. i know people who like it and i know people who don't, hehe. you might actually like it.


oh yeah, didn't mean to rant on my first comment, haha. =D hope i didn't offend.


Hi Sarah - Oh please, don't apologize! You were just stating your opinion. And -- hello -- I just semi-dissed two #1 NY Times bestsellers, 'no?

It kinda reminds me of Umberto Eco's "The Name of the Rose." There was a joke circulating that it hit #1 by virtue of all these people who bought the book but never finished it. They said it was the hype that fed on itself. I actually finished the book -- and loved it --but probably because I had all the time and patience to get through the tough beginning part because I was new here and knew no one. Hence, lots of alone time. :)


I wouldn't add to your page.

They have a *few* things that are nice. But honestly it's mostly junk ! You wouldn't believe the chairs I bought for $99 they used drywall screws to hold them together. I felt like a fool when they arrived and the shipping costs almost as much as the chairs.

I won't even mention the other *junk* I bought.

Seriously out of 5 items only one was ok = money down the drain only to have had the honor to have read their very well scripted catalog.

I feel like I was conned by :(



you can read all HP books (well, the first 5) when you visit next month :-D I still have to get a copy of the 6th book.


Hi Buns,

Don't buy a copy -- if you can stand it. I'm bringing one home for you. :) Baka you want the purple wristband pa -- hehehe.


Hats off ako sa 'yo for your patience in reading. Me, if the book didn't get my interest in the first 2 chapters, i'd jump to the middle...pag wala pa rin, i'd read the ending and that's it!

I usually read the feedback first from Barnes and Noble, Amazon or from friends before buying. I don't mind waiting for 6 mos after release to get a copy just to be sure I get one worth my time and money. Kaya minsan feeling ko, everybody has read a really popular book before I got my hand to it.


i never read reviews -- i just go to bookstores and pick up what catches my eye. i have this theory that some books and i were "meant" to be.

this has led me to find a handful of literary gems left under the critics' radars. and about a hundred books that were a waste of perfectly good trees. :)


Hi Cheesecake - I've done that a few times -- I'd get to the middle and think "Gee, this is going nowhere." But because I ALWAYS have to know how things turn out, I skip to the last few chapters and read the ending. But when that happens, usually even the ending isn't worth the trouble. :(

Hello Mona - See, that's what I'm talking about! I don't put all my trust in critics (books or movies), and lately not even with the general populace (i.e. Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas). And you're absolutely right -- I've found a few books I love this way -- as well as a bunch of others I'll eventually cover in paper and, in my old age, stack to give my cottage a "Shabby Chic" feel. It would be too cruel to give them to someone else to read.


I'm a bookworm gone bad - spent my childhood reading classical novels and wonderful books on science and history and philosophy - then started working, got brain-fritzed, and now I spend my slack hours either reading work-related material (used to be books on the global economy and trade policies; now I'm reading books on globalization and international relations) or romance novels. I have so little free time that I HATE wasting it on a bad book - mostly I reread old favorites, and hunt for new releases from pet authors.

I understand your rage against bad books - I've been known to throw mine across the room when in a particularly bad mood :D


Hello Rei,
If you have the patience and powers of concentration to read books on global economy, trade policies, globalization, and international relations, you can hardly be described as a "bad" bookworm.Sometimes I think I need to go back to school because my brain's shrinking.

And hey, I'm the last person to knock romance (I'm guessing chick lit?) novels. Some are cheese, to be sure - but there are a bunch of gems I've read as well.

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